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Dynamic and resilient, over the last decade, the commercial aviation industry has grown, seeing an increase in profitability, expanding into the new markets and benefitting from the surge in demand for air travel.

However, despite the positive outlook for the upcoming decade and the seemingly healthy state of the aviation ecosystem, for many regions, including Europe, there remains a series of plausible risks and open issues that must be addressed.

Will the growing competition in Europe make us see more airlines go bankrupt? What will be the new major growth drivers? And what tendencies we’ve seen emerging throughout the last ten years will have the biggest influence on the decennary we have just stepped into?

AIR Convention Europe 2020 takes upon an exciting opportunity to research the market patterns on the edge between the two decades. Bringing both bold assumptions for the future and thorough analysis of the past, the Convention poses a question point-blank: have we just seen the decade of transformation or bigger changes are yet to come?

Do a year’s worth of business in three days!

1000+ attendees from 30+
countries including:
  • 500+ key representatives from 100+ airlines / CEOs, Top Management, Chief Pilots & HR reps.
  • 200+ executives from 50+ aviation training schools, airports & MROs
  • 500+ aviation sector decision makers

AIR Convention Europe will include 4 major talk panel streams with 100+ leading aviation industry experts.

The conference main panel – Commercial aviation forum aims to explore existing market patterns and examine trends & challenges of the global aviation industry. The main panel will review progressive solutions, significant developments and the upcoming game-changers of the industry, while also covering each sector of the industry:







Aviation Finance

Aviation Finance & Leasing

Aircraft and Engine

Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers

3 Additional Discussion Panels

The panel will cover a number of aviation-related practices, aimed at shaping customer experience: from in-flight entertainment innovations and personalization to LCC marketing strategies, IT, brand management, and other effective means to ensure strong customer service

The panel will examine latest innovative HR solutions, their adaptation for aviation sector, new trends in aviation workforce training and talent acquisition, as well as effective ways to attract more talents to the aviation industry

This panel is designed to review latest aviation technology developments, providing an extensive outlook on sector innovations. AeroTime Air Tech will examine how progressive tech solutions ranging from smart security practices to augmented reality projects can define the future of aviation

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AeroTime Hub is a global multi-channel aviation digital hub paving the way forward for people-oriented aviation media and business solutions by combining world-class breaking news, aviation intelligence, recruitment events and solutions.

Currently comprised of six brands ‒ AeroTime News, Extra, Recruitment, Events, Pilot Training and AIR Convention ‒ the hub is a digital gateway to aviation professionals and industry stakeholders.


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