In the highly сompetitive current climate of commercial aviation, it is not only airlines that are struggling to find their place under the sun. Getting into real business might be a tough call for a freshly graduate aviation student as well.

Luckily, the constant need for innovations might come in handy for young bright minds. Rapid development and newly emerged tendencies create great opportunities for innovators to display their abilities and enrich the field.

As a staunch supporter of innovation in aviation, AIR Convention Europe 2019 has just announced aviation hackathon – a creative independent platform for young aviation engineers and developers. Deriving from words “hack” and “marathon”, a hackathon is a short-term event for software developers, the goal of which is to briskly generate a brand new solution to an existing problem.

Organized in partnership with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University’s affiliate Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute and powered by Avia Solutions Group, AIR Convention’s aviation edition of a hackathon kicks off on September 16th and will keep participants awake over the span of three consecutive conference days.

Fifty aviation engineers from VGTU master and bachelor programs, divided into five teams, will be challenged to develop a top-notch project on one of given topics. Three leaders, hand-picked by the jury, will demonstrate their projects at the AIR Convention exhibition zone. The team that develops the most outstanding project will be awarded a special prize by the project official supporter Avia Solutions Group. Avia Solutions Group also takes the responsibility to help fulfill and distribute the winning project.

The 36-hour long hackathon aims to bring a bright spark to the event, addressing a number of issues, including the development of reconfigurable VTOL autonomous aircraft, possible solutions to reducing and managing maintenance costs, new smarter ways of aircraft technical documentation storage, and others.

Event organizers believe that working under the umbrella of Avia Solutions Group will help the participants to get a better understanding of how the industry works, bring a chance to meet professionals in person and practice in the real field. Students are also welcome to attend panel discussions and presentations for some quality insight and inspiration.

About AIR Convention: Launched in September 2018, the first AIR Convention event was held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. A unique event for the region welcomed almost a thousand of attendees, leading airlines representatives, including Emirates, United, Lufthansa, and Etihad Airways, companies like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, decision-makers and high-class aviation experts from all over the world to start the ball rolling on the front burner industry issues. Since then the event has become an annual initiative and also introduced its Asian edition. For more information please see: