Let’s give a warm welcome to our recently joined speakers, all equipped with hot topics!

An aviation expert with more than ten years of experience, Cedric Lefebvre from Airbus is joining AIR Convention to share his knowledge about digital transformation in the aviation industry during the AIR Tech conference panel stream. Cedric Lefebvre has an original IT background, having worked for British Telecom and Oracle before joining Airbus in 2006. He also has extensive knowledge in the MRO sector, having been in charge of selling MRO services to Asia. 

Two representatives from Deloitte, a multinational professional services network: Director Mike Rhead, and Associate Director Mike Sein will speak about the specifics of contracting and the current MRO landscape. Both of them have been working in aircraft engine manufacturing for years, managing OEM contracts and advising on a range of complex aviation matters from both a supplier and purchaser perspectives.

And, last but not least, Florian A. Dehne from EBIRD – a  progressive technology-based air mobility provider based in SwitzerlandFlorian is currently acting CEO of EBIRD, responsible for the strategy and commercial. Successfully combining his passions for entrepreneurship, innovation as well as urbanism and its anthroposphere, Florian A.Dehne will tackle the questions on the next generation of urban and regional transportation

Meet our speakers in person on September 16th-18th! You can get your conference ticket here